Protect Your Home From Ongoing Damage Caused by Water Damage

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Protect Your Home From Ongoing Damage Caused by Water Damage

A water damage restoration company can help you clean up because they know how to clean the mess that this type of emergency can create. If you ever had a flood occur in your home, you are going to need the help of a water damage restoration company. Read on to find out more! Water […]

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Water Damage Restoration Irvine CA

Checking for Hidden Water Damage in Your House

Water leaks can be due to several reasons, and you should repair them immediately to prevent major foundation damage. The issue is that the leaks are usually hidden and go unnoticed until it is too late. Whether the hidden water is coming from below the sink, or the water heater, the impact of discovering hidden […]

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Water Damage Restoration Irvine Ca

4 Easy Water Damage Repair Tips for Your Business

Water damage is a frequent occurrence. It creates an environment that is chaotic and frantic all around us. It could happen as a result of a flood, a pipe burst, a flooring leak, or heavy rains, among other things. Water damage can result in a loss of earnings if your business is not usable, but […]

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7 Flood Safety Tips From The Water Damage Restoration Experts

Along with causing serious damage, a flooded home also poses a serious threat to your health. Here are a few tips from our water damage restoration experts at Flood Pro, serving Irvine CA, on staying safe after a flood.  Water Damage Restoration in Irvine CA Flood Water Damage Safety Tips: Look out for pests. Seal […]

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When Wet Floors Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Help

A small spill can be blotted with a clean towel. But a large water intrusion can lead to expensive and costly restoration for your floors (and maybe your baseboards and walls.) In an emergency, it is difficult for a homeowner to assess the extent of the damage. Call Flood Pro in Irvine for experienced advice […]

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Flood Damage Leads To Water Damage Restoration 

Well, you’ve experienced a flood. It probably wasn’t on your bucket list, but you should still wear it like a badge of honor. After giving yourself a pat on the back for having to go something completely foreign to you, it’s time to ask, “Now what?” Hopefully the steps outlined in this post won’t need […]

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Water Damage Restoration: Are Tankless Water Heaters Leak- Proof?

Water heater failure is the leading cause of accidental water damage. According to IBHS, 69% of water heater failures are a result of a slow leak or sudden burst, causing significant water damage. Instead of replacing your old unit with a traditional unit, should you consider the newer tankless option? Tankless water heaters are popular […]

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