Checking for Hidden Water Damage in Your House

Checking for Hidden Water Damage in Your House

Water Damage Restoration Irvine CAWater leaks can be due to several reasons, and you should repair them immediately to prevent major foundation damage. The issue is that the leaks are usually hidden and go unnoticed until it is too late. Whether the hidden water is coming from below the sink, or the water heater, the impact of discovering hidden water leakage too late can include; wood rot, mold growth, and flooring damage. Understanding where it is most likely to occur may help you become aware of its danger and be more cautious of it. The following from our restoration experts is a list of areas where hidden water damage might occur.

1. Under the Kitchen Sink

While you might think a slow leak from below the sink will be easy to spot, the truth is that these drips sometimes go unnoticed until a musty odor develops. The odor is a result of mold or mildew formation, and the dark area below the sink can hide the pooling water for long periods of time, which makes it more difficult to detect hidden water damage.

2. Behind the Washer

When considering where to look for hidden leaks, another obvious spot to examine is behind your household washing machine. The hoses that connect to the water pipes in the wall behind the washer become weak, causing leaks. This might happen during the installation process or when the rubber washers inside of the connector break. Clear signs of a gradual leak include a moldy or musty odor and water accumulating from around the back of the washing machine.

3. Walls

Water leaking on the walls is usually the easiest and most obvious method to identify a problem. Staining and discoloration on some of your home’s most exposed areas are often easy to notice. While inspecting your walls, keep an eye out for staining on window panes and around the door. A large, unusual stain on your walls could signal serious damage, including a burst pipe or drain. Check for cracks in the wall, and if water has seeped into the drywall, it may swell and become soft to touch.

4. Roof

Look for signs of curling, cracking, or missing shingles on the roof. After the wind or rain, check your roof for damage. You might also have leaks or flaking shingles, which may increase the risk of property water damage down the road. If you reside in a colder region, keep an eye out for ice dams that might form on your rooftop and cause leaks once they melt.

5. Floors

Water or flood damage to floorboards can occur as a result of a variety of factors, including overflowing bathtubs or sinks, floods from appliances, and leaks from broken pipes. If you notice any warping or creaking in your floors, you will know it is due to water. Also, high humidity and a moldy odor could also be a reason for water-damaged carpets and flooring.

Water Damage Restoration Irvine CA

If you experience water damage, whether from faulty appliances, a flood, or leaks, it is vital to react quickly to minimize the risk of serious water damage. Contact Flood Pro when you need experts in water damage restoration in Irvine CA. Our skilled restoration experts have the knowledge and expertise to identify and repair hidden water leaks. Call today!

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