Earthquake And Water Damage Restoration

Earthquake And Water Damage Restoration

water damage repair aliso viejo, water damage cleanup aliso viejo, water damage aliso viejoEarthquakes can happen just about anywhere, at any time, and without much warning at all. Here in Aliso Viejo, earthquakes can be devastating natural disasters, especially when the home and the water system are damaged. Sometimes earthquakes can also cause water damage. That means you need to call Flood Pro for any damage to your home that could allow leaks. 

What Types Of Homes Are At Risk?

Any type of building can be damaged by an earthquake if it’s severe enough, but the main types of residences at risk include multi-story homes, condos, mobile homes, and unreinforced masonry buildings. Single-family homes that aren’t bolted to their foundations, are constructed with lightweight materials, or lack overall wall bracing can be at a major risk during an earthquake .

Possible Repairs Needed

Following the devastation of an earthquake, there are a number of repairs that may need to be made in order to restore a home or building to its original, livable condition. Most repairs generally have to do with fixing broken pipes and wiring that was damaged or severed during the earthquake. Obvious broken pipes need to be fixed immediately. However, you should also have Flood Pro out to inspect the property for hidden leaks. 

Earthquakes can also cause structural damage to a home or building, which could lead to the home needing to be partially or even completely rebuilt, depending on the extent of the damage.  

Earthquake Insurance  

 Roughly 200,000 earthquakes occur each year, the vast majority happening in 42 states considered at risk of earthquakes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Most earthquakes are small and unnoticeable, and cause little or no damage, but others can be catastrophic. Some states and areas within them are at a higher risk than others, so earthquake insurance rates and needs can vary greatly. An insurance policy might be available for purchases to cover damages caused by an earthquake, a sudden and violent shaking of the ground resulting from movement of the earth’s crust, like broken water pipes. 

Another important exclusion to earthquake insurance is external water damage. Flooding and tsunamis are common results of earthquakes but their damage does not fall under earthquake insurance. Both of those events would fall under flood insurance, as well as damage caused by a sewer or drain backup that was a result of an earthquake.

Partner With A Respected Restoration Team

Flood Pro has a 30-year reputation for trusted water damage restoration for protecting homeowners from serious water damage when disaster strikes, including earthquakes. If you’re experiencing any type of water damage in Aliso Viejo, call for a free home inspection. If a pipe bursts or any other water enters the home, call 24/7 for emergency repairs.  

Flood Pro technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They will quickly assess the situation to determine the fastest way of drying your property. 

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