Getting Rid Of Germs Through Water Damage Restoration

Getting Rid Of Germs Through Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration mission viejo, water damage cleanup mission viejo, water damage repair mission viejoGerms, bacteria, and viruses are part of everyday life. Because these can pose a threat to our health, we’ve come up with ways to control the spread – like washing our hands, cleaning regularly, and using disinfectants. Same goes for water damage and restoration. Proper sanitization must take place to protect your home and your health. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mission Viejo

Categories of Water

There are 3 categories of water damage: Clean water, greywater, and blackwater. Each come from different source and different levels of risk. Clean water is considered fairly safe since the water contains no immediate health threats. However, over time mold and bacteria will begin to form, so it’s important to clean up as soon as possible. This water comes from appliances, toilet tanks, rain/snow, etc. Grey water is the next category of water. This water is wastewater but does not contain human waste. This water comes from dishwashers, bathtubs, washing machines, etc. Because this water contains waste material, it can result in sickness if not dealt with immediately. The last category of water is blackwater, which is the most dangerous to our health. It contains human waste and harmful pathogens. Blackwater comes from flushed toilets, sewage tanks, etc. This type of water should be cleaned and disinfected immediately to avoid further damage. Because of the harmful matter in the water, it can pose many health threats such as infection or respiratory distress.

Dangers of Mold

Additional health threats may arise from damage. For example, mold will begin to grow soon after water damage has set in. Mold releases molecules into the air for us to inhale. These molecules can cause a respiratory reaction, which may have lasting effects on your health. In addition, inflammatory responses are a possibility after inhaling mold molecules. This is why sanitizing is so important. 

Importance of Proper Sanitizing

As we have discussed, there are many health threats that arise from water damage and lack of restoration. The bacteria, germs, and mold from water damage need proper sanitization to avoid health consequences. Many individuals may believe they have the equipment and training to do it themselves; however, there are many factors to proper sanitization. Simply drying the water and wiping the affected area with a disinfected wipe won’t guarantee the health risks are terminated. Since mold and germs can grow in warm, moist areas, Mission Viejo, CA is a perfect place for mold to grow. Therefore, residual mold and bacteria will grow back; however, it could be worse than before.

Moral Of The Story

Overall, water damage poses many health risks with the amount of bacteria, germs, and mold it possesses. Proper disposal of mold and bacteria is critical for health, home, and future growth. It’s very difficult for an untrained individual to properly remove and sanitize the bacteria and mold; therefore, trusting a professional improves your chances against water damage. Flood Pro offers 24/7 services to ensure your health and your home are protected from water damage. Don’t risk future health or structural problems and call a professional restoration team.

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