Structural Leak Detection

Expert Leak Detection

Flood Pro offers structural leak detection services. Our water intrusion team is able to come in and troubleshoot your moisture intrusion issues and pinpoint the cause of the problem. Finding a leak is not as simple as it may seem. Water can penetrate a building’s envelope a number of different ways.  Often, it takes an experienced professional to locate the source.


What Is Structural Leak Detection?

Structural leak detection is pinpointing the location of a leak or moisture source that may not be associated with a plumbing leak.  When trying to find the source in a structure, there are many different places that will need to be investigated. Leaks can originate from an indoor, underground, or outside sources. Often, the origin of the leak is found in a different spot than where the signs of damage appear. Our knowledge and meticulous approach give us the ability to quickly assess and determine the areas of concern.  Many leaks can go unnoticed for a stretch of time before becoming a visible issue. This type of water or moisture intrusion can cause some of the worst damage a home can suffer due to the length of time the damage goes unnoticed.


Types Of Structural Damage

Long-term water damage can cause severe damage to drywall, flooring, and cabinetry. This type of leak can affect your home causing wood rot or mold damage resulting in devastating structural damage over time.

Water is one of the most corrosive elements.  After all, it formed the Grand Canyon.  Left unaddressed a small water intrusion can cause significant damage over time.  Flood Pro will pinpoint the source of the leak and moisture.  Once found we can also assess the extent of the damage, if any, and recommend a course of action for repair and restoration.

Repair and Construction

Once we’ve detected the leak in your home and addressed the damage, we can handle all the necessary repairs. Flood Pro is a full-service General Contractor.

If you have suspected a leak may be occurring or you’re dealing with a more sudden issue such as water dripping through your ceiling, our specialized leak detection services can help you find the problems fast. We are always here for you! Contact us at our office today.


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