Sometimes Fixing Up A Bathroom Can Cause A Water Leak And Restoration Issues

Sometimes Fixing Up A Bathroom Can Cause A Water Leak And Restoration Issues

water damage restoration irvineAfter spending so much time working from home, online school, and endless zoom calls, people are rediscovering what they loved, (and don’t love), about their place.  Home Advisor has dubbed 2020 “The Year of the Home,” and folks are making loads of changes and improvements. 

According to a recent survey, the average US household spent over $8k on home services,  about $3k on home maintenance and about $1500 on home emergencies per year. For example, when your water lines are clogged, water is continually backing up in the piping. This higher water pressure in your piping system could lead to leaks.  

But a disappointing consequence of repairing and replacing existing plumbing is discovering a leak during your project. Some of it is a result of Murphy’s Law, but there is a little more science involved.

What Causes Shut Off Valves to Leak? 

Unfortunately, whenever you make changes to existing fixtures and plumbing lines, you run a chance of creating a leak. Older pipes are made from materials prone to corrosion, such as iron. Over time, the actual pipe weakens and begins to break down. 

More common, though, is leaks at the plumbing connections. Since the valves that close off (or cut off) the supply at the wall are seldom used, the rubber washer inside the valve becomes brittle or covered with mineral deposits. When you close the valve and then open it again, the washer on the valve stem may not seat properly, This causes s leak around the valve stem nut.

Consider replacing the shut-off valves when you upgrade faucets and fixtures. Change out plastic water lines for more reliable braided stainless steel lines.  

How Do Bathrooms Cause Damage To The Rest Of The House?

All the little parts used to build your home just wear out over tie. Damaged O-rings, washers, or gaskets can be the weak link in the plumbing chain. When hair, soap, and other debris clog a shower drain, the water can’t go down the drain. If the tub or pan overflows, it could leak through the ceiling below. Over time, the rubber gasket under the shower drain can dry out, crack, and leak. 

Replacing Toilets Opens A “Can of Worms” 

Most leaks with this fixture are caused by a leak between the toilet and the waste pipe. This means that every time your toilet is flushed, water will leak. Since toilets are used so often, even a small leak can quickly escalate to major flooring repairs. 

But sometimes, a working toilet must be removed to replace the flooring during a renovation. Although you could just put the same toilet back in the same spot, now is a great time to upgrade some components. It’s common for toilets to develop cracks when moved. Seals often fail between the tank and the bowl; the wax ring seal might not be placed correctly.  And water shut-off valves also develop leaks due to calcium buildup.  

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