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Flood Pro wants you to let us know how we’re doing by submitting your reviews of our work! We are confident that our work is of the highest standard, but we always love hearing it from our customers, too. If you have worked with our professional team, please take a moment to submit testimonials or reviews of our work so we can share them with prospective customers. We would love to have you help us spread the word about our services.


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We welcome reviews of all lengths, so whether you have just a few words to say or you’d like to share your entire experience, we’d appreciate it if you’d take just a little time to send your thoughts to us. We’ll be posting some of them right here on this page for the world to see! People hire a lot of companies based on word-of-mouth experience and recommendations, so we wanted to take that into account and provide our satisfied customers with a place to send us some thoughts. If you have worked with us in the past and would like to share your experiences, we’ll be happy to accept reviews from anyone who has called us in the time we’ve been in business.


“I was very pleased with the service I received from Flood Pro in December 2008. I just came home from the hospital with a new baby (I also have a 2 1/2 year old), and I found a leak under the carpet in the downstairs closet. Flood Pro came immediately and did a nice, thorough inspection of what needed to be done and, consequently, addressed and took care of all the moisture that was found in surrounding walls (all the places that were effected). I came to find out that my HOA would only cover the one place where the pipe broke. I feel fortunate that Flood Pro took care of all that was needed for my family’s health. Thank you Flood Pro! I will be recommending you to aquaintances who inquire about this kind of service.”

Amber from Aliso Viejo

I just wanted to say “thank you” again for the wonderful job you did on the water damage, mold remediation and repairs of my home. I cannot begin to tell you how very much I appreciated the professionalism, efficiency, thoroughness and courtesy extended to me by everyone associated with your firm. Your entire team was terrific to be around and to interact with as we went through this process.</p>
<p>I greatly appreciate the care and concern shown my personal belongings. The work you did was top-notch and I actually think my kitchen looks better than it did when I moved in! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping make a very unsettling and stressful situation as manageable and easy as possible under the circumstances. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in need of similar assistance … as I have already told my Association Board Members.

Judy from Rancho Santa Margarita

I would like to extend the District’s deepest appreciation for your excellent, outstanding performance in your remediation efforts.

As a result of an overwhelmed roof gutter system, during the January 2010 rain storms, our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was inundated with a torrent of water. I called your Company and was pleasantly surprised that you were able to dispatch a crew immediately. Within 3 days, our Emergency Operating Center (EOC) was completely bone-dry and back in normal operation mode.

It was a pleasure to work alongside your Staff. Their professionalism, knowledge, and integrity expedited this process without a hitch. From the District’s Staff to you and your Staff – thank you for a job well done!

Paul from El Toro

I am writing to thank you for such wonderful service when my mother’s condo flooded. I am very impressed by Flood Pro’s professionalism and efficiency. Brian Millager was my contact person. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me through the process. Being out of state, Brian’s constant contact, updates, and proactivity helped turn a very frustrating event into a pleasant experience. He is very dedicated, capable and empathetic. I appreciate the thorough and efficient service provided by Flood Pro. Thank you so much.

Robin from Dana Point

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the great work your company did repairing the leak damage in my husband Evan’s and my apartment. I was nine months pregnant when we discovered the leak and your team went above and beyond to try to get the work finished before the baby arrived. Brian was particularly helpful in scheduling and JR and Maria were sensitive and receptive to our needs. I don’t remember the names of the other people who did the work in our home, but everyone we worked with was professional and personable. Thank you again.

Stephanie from Tustin Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Flood Pro constantly exceeds my expectations. In addition to being timely, knowledgeable, and good at what they do, their staff is friendly, easy to work with and gets the job done right the first time! I’ve worked with Flood Pro on many occasions over the past 7 years and I continue to utilize their services because they are without a doubt one of the best companies in the industry. One of my favorite things about this company is they remember the smaller details during our conversations; which means they don’t just hear what you are saying, they listen! They are a full-service company and their prices are fair. I honestly, don’t think I’d be where I am today without the outstanding support this company has provided not only me but all of my Community Associations.

Brittany from Irvine

As a Community Manager it is important to use vendors who are both qualified to do the job and also care about the job they do. Flood Pro has always been that vendor for me. When a disruption is occurring, the on-site technicians are respectful of the need to be understanding, patient, and have good communication with the homeowner. Owner Matt Puccio has instilled those goals within his entire company staff. There are always different challenge but Flood Pro can evaluate, address, and resolve each issue as they come. I have been a long-time client and am happy to recommend their services.

Terry from Orange

I’m a Certified Community Manager for a mid-size Management Company and have been using Flood Pro for more than 5 years. I had inherited an account with many plumbing issues and I didn’t like the restoration vendor that was being used for many reasons so I decided to give other vendors a chance. I was introduced to Flood Pro and decided to give them a chance. At first I was a little skeptical as the price was a little lower than the others vendors and in back of my head I thought they were doing this to get into our company and once they were in they would hike up the price. However, that was not the case, they are still the best price around and very detailed. As I mentioned, I had a lot of plumbing issues so through the many emails and phone calls I got to know the owners of the company very well and what made me continue using them was their customer service and attention to detail but the most important thing for me was the fact that they are able to put back hardwood. In our industry there are very few vendors that can do this and the good ones are always booked. Flood Pro was able to come in and assist with putting back hardwood flooring and matching it as best as possible without any issues. I have been very satisfied with their work, customer service, their prices, communication and IF there’s an issue the owner Matt will personally go out to the site to make sure everything is done correctly and the homeowners are happy with the work. I highly recommend this company and will continue to use them for many, many years to come. Keep up the great work Matt and Staff.

Adrian from Irvine

Flood Pro was very responsive! All their staff is extremely friendly and patient. They explained everything and helped us through this tough time of dealing with damage to our home. They were patient and persistent in dealing with the insurance adjuster! So thankful that we went with them. Hopefully we don't have any more water damage, but should it happen again, we would choose Flood Pro without a doubt. Highly recommended!

Mo G. from Irvine

I reached out to Matt and his company because I wanted to understand the process of water restoration. The water restoration company that we hired to take care of water damage caused by the water heater bursting in our rental home was not moving forward with drying or cleaning the area. Every time I asked them if they were going to dry the area they would throw out the scary "Mold" word. They said they could not dry out the area because of this. They did not open up the walls or remove the wet building materials to begin the mitigation process and instead let the home sit with the dehumidifiers running for over a week. It wasn't until Matt helped educate my husband and I on what should have happened and gave us the name of an air quality specialist, that things began moving. The air quality specialist intervened on our behalf and within a day our situation changed and the water restoration company finally began the mitigation process.

Although we did not go with Flood Pro because our rental home was outside the area they serviced (Temecula), Matt and the air quality specialist's knowledge was invaluable. Without Matt's help we would still be sitting in a wet mess. If our rental home was in Orange County we would have gone with Flood Pro in a heartbeat. Matt truly cares about people. He went out of his way to help us. He has good character, is trustworthy, and very professional. We would highly recommend Matt and his company Flood Pro. Thank you so much for your help Matt!

Denise from Rancho Santa Margarita

They made a tough situation much easier to go through. They worked around my schedule and we're very clean. Couldn't be happier with their services.

Alfred A. from Orange

This group of professionals have helped make a water leak from the tenant above me much easier to deal
with since they have been contracted. Timely work, professional and always looking out for my best interest.

In case of an emergency, urgent restoration or repairs of any kind, they will be my first call again and I highly recommend they be your too. Can't say enough about the all round quality of this company.

Chris N.

Any one that has experienced a flood in their home know what a stressful experience it can be. Flood Pro is awesome and did a good job. Taylor was my everything during this time he calmed me down when I got excited and made the scheduling work for my life and job. Taylor you are the best and I really felt like you were there for me in a time that I needed someone to understand my frustrations and make them better. Couldn't of done it without it now that I'm not on your line all day you can go save someone else. LOL Really this company is the best and cares about their people.

Christinne G. from Yorba Linda

Moving into our home we uncovered unexpected mold in both daughters living areas. We put the breaks on moving and while waiting for a different mold remediation company, our family of four bunked up in one room still in boxes. Fast forward 4 weeks of anticipation we decided to reach out to Flood One. They immediately stepped in with no wait and took the job on. They were thorough, professional and kind. They have a wonderful team and really put you into their best interest. Taylor was very informative and awesome at communicating throughout the process. I highly recommend flood one and wish we had reached out to them first.

Maygen O. from Lake Forest

Responsive, works well with all of the persons involved with the repairs.

Joyce M. Sullivan

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