Water Damage Cleanup And High Risk Water Damage Areas

Water Damage Cleanup And High Risk Water Damage Areas

water damage cleanup Aliso Viejo, water damage Aliso Viejo, water damage restoration Aliso ViejoFloods, toilet overflows, sewer backup.  These events are often the first situations people think of when home water damage is mentioned.  But there are obvious things necessitating cleanup, and some not-so-obvious things.  From the professionals at Flood Pro, located in Aliso VIejo, here are three items to keep your eye out to avoid needing water damage cleanup:


Sure, it’s the quintessential scene in all disaster movies, where a poorly located tree is caught in a terrible wind and rain storm, and ends up crashing into some power lines, cutting off all electricity to somehow the entire city.  But what many people don’t think about is that trees can be their very own disaster.  The roots of large trees can slowly grow around important water pipes leading into your home.  Over time, the roots can tighten around the pipe, eventually causing it to block, or worse, burst.  A single burst pipe has the potential to release up to eight gallons of water per minute.  Additionally, some trees simply grow right into pipelines, and that root can begin to rot into the water system.  Tree rot is very real, and can be very toxic.  Toxic water is already an issue, but as soon as you have a flood, that water is extremely dangerous.  What to do?  When it comes to trees causing damage, prevention is key.  Try to ensure the tree is well trimmed, perform regular cleanups and checkups, and plant any new trees at a safe distance from any major systems, lines, and pipes.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are time consuming and, let’s be honest, unpleasant to clean out, and it can sometimes seem like there’s just no point.  After all, what’s the worst that could happen?  It’s on the outside of the house, so it couldn’t really do much damage, right?  Unfortunately, that’s wrong.  Gutters are built onto homes to divert water away from the house.  Unfortunately, clogged gutters cannot function properly, and the water simply glides over the top of whatever isn’t cleaned out, such as leaves and twigs.  Once the water has successfully avoided the gutters, it has the opportunity to run down all sides of your house.  If water were to be allowed to simply trickle down the walls of the exterior, gradual erosion of the soil and eventually, damage to the foundation of the house would occur.

Poor Humidity Control

Humidity may be great for your skin, but it can be terrible for your home.  If a large water spill occurred in your home and it was seemingly cleaned up in a “do-it-yourself” fashion, you may notice a residual dampness in the air.  When moisture in the air cools, it condenses and can collect onto any non-hydrophobic surface.  Stagnant water in your home can grow dangerous mold, which can lead to lifelong upper respiratory diseases.  Consistent humidity changes can also seep into drywall, wood, and the foundation of your house, softening the overall structure and leading to potential dangerous lapses in strength.  The most immediate effect you may experience, however, is the drop in functionality and aesthetics of many electronic and mechanical devices throughout your abode.  Computers, HVAC systems, water pipes, sink faucets, and just about anything with metal facets can succumb to rust, which proliferates exceptionally in highly humid circumstances. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Aliso Viejo

Flood Pro. The water damage specialist of Aliso Viejo, California is a locally owned industry leader in water damage cleanup and repair services.  Their quality-trained professionals offer 30 years of experience and 24/7 emergency service.  Flood Pro is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and their technicians are trained in the most advanced current scientific approach to water damages.  The experts at Flood Pro have also developed their own unique, Non-Invasive Drying System, so excess demolition is unnecessary, and cleanup is a breeze.  You hope it never happens to you, but odd things can cause water damage. Lucky for you, Flood Pro: The Water Damage Specialists are prepared for just about all of them.

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