Flood Damage Leads To Water Damage Restoration 

Flood Damage Leads To Water Damage Restoration 

water damage restoration irvine ca, water damage irvine ca, water damage repair irvine caWell, you’ve experienced a flood. It probably wasn’t on your bucket list, but you should still wear it like a badge of honor. After giving yourself a pat on the back for having to go something completely foreign to you, it’s time to ask, “Now what?” Hopefully the steps outlined in this post won’t need to be used too many times, but it’s never a bad thing to be prepared. After all, during an emergency situation, our minds go to recall mode (we only remember what has been learned and relearned). Frustration and surprise with a flood or water damage can cloud our minds, making it near impossible to remember the best course of action. Here’s our cliff notes version of how to respond to water damage and restoration issues in Irvine. 

Water Damage Restoration In Irvine

Document The Damage

No, don’t just take pictures for your social media (although we’re sure it would be very popular). Most insurance companies will ask you to show pictures of the damage in the claims process. Having a handful of pictures on your phone can expedite the process. A few quick pictures of the water, the room the water is in, and the damaged items can go a long way (say hello to some extra savings). 

Put Your Safety First

Although keeping a clear head in the face of a crisis is a no-brainer, in the real world, many people suffer injuries because of impatience to fix the problem or a lack of safety measures when flooding occurs. Although we often want to prove that we’re a handyman, playing the role of “hero” doesn’t justify doing something risky. Trust us on this one. Play it on the safe side. Don’t go near water in case of electrocution or contamination. Turn off the water and call a professional. Even clean-looking water can be dangerous. 

Dry The Area Quickly

The process of removing and drying water can be long and arduous. We won’t lie. Although it may seem as simple as pulling out drying tools, moisture is especially difficult to remove in cracks and crevices. The most common homeowner mistake when attempting to restore water damage is failing to dry the area properly, leaving water pockets deep in floorboards and drywall. This moisture can lay hidden for years, creating water damage a long time after the initial incident. The faster the drying process is completed, the less likely that recurring water damage and restoration will happen. 

Realize There May Be Additional Flooding

Unfortunately, water damage likes to come in rounds. If water damage happens once, it’s more likely to happen again in the same spot. Prevent a headache-inducing round two by thoroughly preparing the area. If an appliance malfunctions, be sure to spend adequate time fixing it in order to avoid another bout of water damage restoration issues. Preparation can save hours of flood cleanup in the future. As an extra step, it may be worth having a professional come to scope out the area.  

Call A Professional

There’s a reason people are involved in water damage cleanup for a living. It’s not always a straightforward process. Technicians spend several years learning the trade, and since most homeowners have never dealt with a flood or water damage cleanup process before, the remediation process doesn’t always turn out like they had expected. Flood Pro is a well-known water damage restoration company in Irvine that can meet all your water mishap needs. We’ve got you covered!

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