Water Damage Restoration: Are Tankless Water Heaters Leak- Proof?

Water Damage Restoration: Are Tankless Water Heaters Leak- Proof?

water damage restoration irvine ca, water damage repair irvine ca, water damage cleanup irvine caWater heater failure is the leading cause of accidental water damage. According to IBHS, 69% of water heater failures are a result of a slow leak or sudden burst, causing significant water damage. Instead of replacing your old unit with a traditional unit, should you consider the newer tankless option?

Tankless water heaters are popular due to their energy-saving capacity over storage water heaters; they only heat water on demand rather than storing the heated water. Since they don’t store hot water, leaks are much less likely. However, after several years of usage, it is possible that the piping and joints may start leaking. The chance of a leak is rare, but may turn out to be catastrophic and result in high water damage restoration costs if not taken seriously.

The little drops may cause significant damage to your floors, walls, and roofs; if not handled immediately by water damage restoration professionals, these leakages may trigger bigger problems including mold. 

Water Damage Restoration in Irvine CA

What Causes Leaks?

Proper installation prevents improper venting in leaking tankless heaters. Proper venting through the wall or the roof helps in ensuring that no condensation goes inside the water heater. 

At times, the existing gas pipe may not be enough to supply the right amount of gas for the system to function properly. Acidic water affects metals in the plumbing system. It causes “pinholes” in the tankless water heater which may promote leaking with time. Check your water’s acidity level and neutralize it if possible. Contact the water heater vendor about any problems with venting, gas levels or acidic water. 

Solutions For Leaks

If your tank location is in the house, prepare for leaks by installing a drain pan. In a case of leakages, the water will flow into your house and may affect your property, but with a drain pan the damages will be minimal. Most manufacturers offer a warranty on the heat exchanger and other parts of the heater. If your water heater starts leaking before the expiry of the warranty, contact the manufacturer for replacement. Generally warranties last half the life expectancy; check your paperwork.

If you have water damage, contact a team water damage restoration experts for repairs. As restoration professionals, the team will assess your situation and offer the solution that is cleanest, fastest and most efficient. The team will take precautions to prevent mold and eliminate cross contamination to other rooms in the house. 

Like any other water heating system, tankless water heaters need regular service and maintenance. Make sure a professional plumber services your system on a regular basis. This will help you to detect leakages earlier and have counteractive solutions in place.

If the unit does leak and causes water damage, Flood Pro is the trusted water damage restoration team when disaster strikes. If you’re experiencing any type of water damage on your property, call for a home inspection

The water damage restoration technicians at Flood Pro in Irvine CA are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They will quickly assess the situation to determine the fastest way of drying your property.

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