Who Can Fix The Water Damage My Pet Made In My Home?

Who Can Fix The Water Damage My Pet Made In My Home?

water damage aliso viejo, water damage cleanup aliso viejo, water damage repair aliso viejoPets are wonderful and have been such a help as we’ve readjusted to more time at home. In 2020, pet ownership in the U.S. rose to an all-time high of 70%, according to American Pet Products Association (APPA). A recent survey indicated that nearly 89.7 million dogs lived in US households; three quarters of families have pets of some kind.

While you can steam out many carpet stains, sometimes you need some help repairing and restoring from more serious pet-related damage– both the visible and invisible. Typical pet damage around your home can include:

  • Urine stains and smells
  • Damaged walls, doors, and door jambs
  • Torn carpet 
  • Broken laminate or tiles
  • Damaged fences
  • Water damage from damaged water lines


Sometimes your anxious dog might overreact to being kept in a closed room. Hopefully it is just some scuffs but if your dog bites into the sheet rock, there is a chance that it will access some plumbing lines. Our water damage restoration specialists can fix both– dry and wet sheetrock.

Water Damaged Floors  

Any combo of a messy dog or a leaky bowl can lead to stained or mildewed floors. To prevent water damage, step 1) place a waterproof mat under your dog’s water dish. Don’t forget step2) change or clean the mat regularly.

However, the more serious threat to your floors is a puddle OTHER than clean water. If you quickly catch the puppy or kitty mess and wipe it up your risk is minimal; tile floors and modern laminate finishes resist accidents like this. But as urine decomposes, it becomes more alkaline and more corrosive. When a carpet or a rug sits over the hardwood floors, it keeps the liquid from drying and allows that amonic like smell to permeate the wood. 

Now this is not a DIY cleanup. Call water damage restoration experts at Flood Pro for their professional assessment. Sometimes spots can be sanded and refinished. But often, these pet stains have to be patched out and replaced with new wood.

Exterior Doors and Doggy Doors

In a house with pets, the areas around the exterior doors and especially in front of a doggy door can be damaged from water. Perhaps the doors don’t close well; perhaps that pup comes in and out 20 times a day with wet paws. Use exterior door mats to limit the dirt and gravel that enters the home but once the water damage starts, call the water damage restoration experts at Flood Pro to correct the underlying problems. The damage can spread across the threshold and up the door frame, leading to more expensive problems.  

Water Damage From Other Pets

Fish are usually pretty harmless and only cause damage when an aquarium leaks. Tortoises can live a long time and wrack up some damage; they can topple weak wood fences or shatter sliding glass doors. Ferrets and other rodents can get loose and chew their way into electric and water lines.

Birds, such as parrots, might peck the walls near their cages. They can easily chip paint off stucco and wood. Since they are messy eaters and drinkers, they might spill out more than half of their water on the floor. You definitely need a waterproof tray under the cage– not just yesterday’s newspaper. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mission Viejo

Leaks need fixing as soon as they happen because moisture buildup damages your walls and floors while also inviting mold growth. Whenever excess water invades your home, Flood Pro is the trusted water damage restoration team to call. Their technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

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