Water Damage: Causes and Restoration Solutions

Water Damage: Causes and Restoration Solutions

water damage restoration mission viejoWater damage is never a good thing for anyone. It can cause stress for you, your home, and your family, may require you to evacuate your home for a time while it’s being cleaned up, cost money, and ruin some of your most valued possessions or places in your home. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mission Viejo

Causes Of Water Damage

Most commonly, water damage occurs because of broken or malfunctioned appliances or leaky or broken pipes. This can happen from too much pressure being pushed on the pipes. For example, if there is a clog in your pipe increasing the pressure upward of the clog or if there is a root from a tree that is pressing up against the pipe that could cause it to crack or burst. As well, in a place like Mission Viejo where the climate is a desert, heavy rain storms can cause trouble. In a dry climate, it is hard for water to be absorbed into the ground so instead it pools. Roofs may leak with the unexpected heavy rainfall or gutters may overflow because they were not made to handle the amount of water that is being deposited. 


The ideal experience would be to prevent the water damage before it ever happens. This can be done by routinely checking up on your appliances, pipes, roof, and gutters. This would include doing any maintenance it may need to continue to function properly. In addition, slanting your yard away from your house so water runs in a direction contrary to where your home is could greatly help as well. While prevention is ideal, it is not always possible. It is important to know the steps you can take if water damage does occur.

Solutions To Water Damage

Oftentimes, water damage will come as a complete surprise to you. Not all appliances will give us a warning before suddenly malfunctioning, and a roof won’t necessarily tell us there is a hole in it until there is a rain storm and we see it with our own eyes. There is no need to panic. In these instances, it is important to act fast. The longer water is left to sit, the more damage there could end up being. The solution is quite easy. The best solution is to call a professional restoration team fast. For a place like Southern California, Flood Pro is there for you. Most restoration teams have 24/7 hour services, including Flood Pro, so call immediately and they will be there to help you. 

A restoration team will come in quickly and get the job done right so your home is back to the way it should be and your valuables are saved. They will come to assess what damage has been done so far. Using the proper techniques and equipment they can dry the affected areas no matter what it is, carpet, wood floor, dry wall. All of it is possible to save. The restoration team will work alongside your insurance to ensure your experience is the least stressful possible. You can get back to your daily living soon.

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