Where To Look For Hidden Water Damage

Where To Look For Hidden Water Damage

water damage restoration mission viejo, water damage cleanup mission viejo, water damage mission viejoMaybe you see the obvious stains on the ceiling or mold on the walls. Perhaps you smell a funky, dank odor in the basement. You might even hear water dripping as you turn off the light at night. You suspect water is leaking and causing damage to you home. 

We at Flood Pro know that water damage can occur in any part of your Mission Viejo home; however, there are some areas that are more high-risk than others. Inspect each area in your home, especially these four, to identify common areas of water damage.


Water damage is easiest to spot on hardwood floors, easiest to feel on wet carpet, and harder to detect as damage to the subfloor under a more pervious tile or stone floor. 

There are many things that can cause water damage to floors — both from 1) outside rain and 2) inside leaks. Start with the obvious–check around exterior doors. Next investigate around bathtubs, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. If water is left to pool or puddle, you could be damaging your floors. 

Ceilings And Walls

Another place hidden water damage can be is in your walls. The pipes hidden in your home’s walls may have small leaks. These leaks are difficult to detect and over time this water damage will make itself known through staining or soft spots in the drywall. Be sure to caulk around the bathtub and repair broken tiles or damaged grout. If you do have wet drywall, be sure it’s properly dried or replace it to prevent mold growth.

Ceiling water damage can come from a few sources. Seasonally, a leaky roof caused by rain or melting ice can slowly damage the ceiling. Bathroom and laundry rooms on the second floor can show up as ceiling stains on the first floor. 

Make sure to also check around window frames. Slow leaks from outside precipitation and inside condensation will both lead to stains and rotten wood.

Confined Spaces

Crawlspaces are prone to serious problems including mold, water, termites, and rotting wood. The lack of sunlight, ventilation and accessibility increases the chance of water damage. Experts like Flood Pro can work to remove contaminated soils, install a vapor barrier to keep moisture from rising up and protect your crawl space from problems in the future. 

Check The Sink For Water Leaks

A common area for water leaks is under the sink. It’s common to see water spots under the sink, but it’s not normal. Checking under the sink on a regular basis for standing water, water stains, or condensation is smart. It also helps to keep the area under your sink organized so you are able to spot hidden water damage.

To check for water leaks in your pipes and seals, clear out the space under the sink. Place a dry paper towel on the bottom surface. Run all your kitchen chores: disposal, diswasher, sink, etc. If the paper towel show any spots or drops, you need to investigate further. Never ignore small or slow leaks under the sink, these leaks can lead to bigger problems.  

Water Damage Cleanup In Mission Viejo

Whether your damage is from a busted pipe, severe weather, or a leaking garbage disposal, Flood Pro is the trusted water damage restoration team when disaster strikes.  If you’re experiencing any type of water damage on your property, call for a home inspection.  

Our technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They will quickly assess the situation to determine the fastest way of drying your property. 

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