When Your Sunroom Becomes A Rain Room And Water Damage Restoration Issues

When Your Sunroom Becomes A Rain Room And Water Damage Restoration Issues

water damage restoration mission viejo, water damage cleanup mission viejo, water damage repair mission viejoIn Mission Viejo, your sunroom can be used all year long to enjoy the Saddleback Valley without actually letting in the heat (or losing the cool AC). Sunrooms are the perfect solution to enjoying your view of the outdoors without any bugs. If the Santa Ana winds kick up, you can be comfortable and safe indoors. In the winter, when it dips into the 40s, you can stay warm and toasty inside but enjoy the feeling of the changing seasons. 

After the original house is built, homeowners often add sunrooms as an affordable interior living space that extends into nature. Adding a sunroom to your home is more than most do-it-yourselfers can take on. Later, regular maintenance and professional repairs might be required if your sunroom gets damaged and starts to leak. Count on Flood Pro to help you keep your home free from water damage

What Defines A Sunroom?

Think of your sunroom as a modern-day porch. For years, American homes were built with front or back porches where families would gather. Many modern homeowners want a more private and secure area to relax. Sunrooms evolved as conversions of porches and patios. As technology advanced, the materials available offered creative uses where outdoor spaces were captured and contained for multi-weather living. 

You’ll hear many terms: three-season sunroom, four-season sunroom, patio covers, conservatories, solariums, Florida rooms. Sunrooms are generally structures surrounded by glass with screened openings that can be opened or closed at will. 

Why Do They Leak?

Since sunrooms rely on lots of windows to let in sunlight, they are susceptible to leaking and cracking. The most common problem is water degrading the seams between glass panels. Sometimes it is that the panes themselves are cracked.

If a sunroom leaks when it rains, it is often where the sunroom’s roof meets the existing house roof of different materials.  

The actual problem is seldom with the windows, but how they were installed. Until that window wall is rebuilt with proper flashing, water will continue to drip. Usually, there is no need to purchase new windows. Have a skilled team  re-install them correctly.

Many times, the builders install the sunroom without the proper flashing. When installed wrong, it can actually send the water into the walls of the home, rather than push it away, as proper flashing does.


You’ll need a ladder to inspect any panes that are higher up. Be careful whenever leaning a ladder against a window to ensure the window doesn’t suffer damage. Or stay on the floor and let the Flood Pro team investigate it for you.

What Are The Risks?

Leaks from the sunroom are a s dangerous as leaky windows or an insecure front door. When water pools and puddles on floors, tiles, wood and grout can degrade. If the moisture lingers on drywall, it can bubble and discolor walls. And excess water can ruin your furniture and furnishings. 

Plus, mold and mildew can begin growing in damp areas within 48 hours. Flood Pro technicians are experts at finding and correcting mold problems. 

Water Damage Restoration In Mission Viejo

Leaks need fixing as soon as they happen because moisture buildup damages your walls and floors while also inviting mold growth. Whenever excess water invades your home, Flood Pro is the trusted water damage restoration team to call. Flood Pro technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They will quickly assess the situation to determine the fastest way of drying your property.

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